Wow, that's a lot of leads!

Lead Generation through Innovation

At Russell, we help empower your business by providing thousands of company-paid leads through:

  •,, leads come directly to you through each of these sites on your listings for free.

  •  Company paid targeted social media marketing through Facebook ads for all your listings. 

  •  KVCore squeeze page leads.  Our agents market groups of homes to specific buyer demographics who can purchase them, eliminating the shotgun approach to marketing.

  •  Property Boost

  •  Opportunity Time 

  •  Open Houses

  •  Print Advertising

Helping you generate leads is an essential part of what Russell will do for you.  It is important to have a system that continuously follows up a lead until the customer is ready to buy or sell and that is where KVCore excels. 

KVCore will contact your leads through email, text, phone and automated listing alerts so that you have the best possible chance to convert that lead into a client.